Perhaps it’s not just about sustaining
but rather innovating & reclaiming through modern and ancient wisdoms
the voices of all nations and experiences
the practices and ways of being that support & enhance all species the
land & the waters too
where balance and harmony
with the earth
and all of her creatures
one with the other
is the new normal
and measure of greatest progress profit and success

Althea Knight • 2022

Can you?
by Althea Knight

Can you let go of who you were
In order to embrace
Who you are becoming?

between these hands
by Althea Knight

between these hands
a whole world exists
a new chapter begins
between these hands

surreptitious joy
by Althea Knight

the surreptitious joy of
the unexpected pause
once i realize
it is here
for me
not against me
i relax and let life guide me
till my spirit renews
when engage again
i can and do

Reconfigured Emergence
by Althea Knight

not oblivious to othering
the soft voice within said
breathe dahlin’ breathe
I paused
and noticing the holding of my breath
I exhaled
a letting go of lifetimes of held breath and tongue

and within this release
came sweet relief
an expansion of being
in connection and care
of the ancients and cosmic spheres
play sweet thang play
explore create
what has been fractured
from the outside in

and right there for me to see
within the art created
were the sacred shapes revealed
within the skin
the hair
the eyes and
the mouth
reminders of
power and poise
potentiality and persistence
with peace and purpose too

as my spirit unearthed
a new me birthed in
a reconfigured emergence