Community Engagement

WNAMPLS (wellness walks)  at The Redwood Shelter, Toronto, ON

A curated  holistic wellness walking program cultivating peer support,
nature appreciation, joy, and connection for women and children fleeing violent homes.
Designed and delivered by Althea.

The testimonials are anonymous to protect the safety of the residents and the staff.

Redwood Residents’ Testimonials

Before I worried a lot, after walking with Althea, I felt lighter. Leaving all the things that were bothering me in the steps I left behind.
Walking together and sharing our histories with each other is nice and I love this program.
These walks are filled with amazing activities. Taking women and childrenwith low income to beautiful nature places to enjoy and discover. Thank you.

Redwood Staff testimonials

“Althea’s Wellness Walk©” is a fantastic program using a holistic approach to healing trauma while providing great tools for building stress management and wellness.
What an incredible person! Althea fit into the culture of The Redwood so seamlessly, with a gentleness and compassion that enabled her to do amazing work with the families here. She went above and beyond to help the women feel empowered and joyful through the program she created.

The Creative Art of Being©

Whitehorse | Osaka | Nagoya | Paris | Montreal | Ljubljana | Nova Gorica |
Bled | Melbourne | Ellon | Ottawa | London, Eng. | Toronto | Kingston, JA.| Online

The Creative Art of Being© founded in 2007 by Althea Knight and  delivered locally,
globally and virtually is a personal development and healing exploration experience
utilizing guided meditation, the expressive arts and transformational energy to assist folks
in accessing their interior self and getting unstuck in creative ways that work for them.
Playfulness, care and a deepened awareness of self helps folks
move forward at their own pace and comfort. 

“A lovely oasis in the middle of our sometime hectic lives”
It is joy wrapped in a package of stimulating and motivational activities, a time to get away from one’s hum-drum routine and just be one with the sacred side of oneself.
Silvia Smith, Poet and Writer
Montreal, Quebec
Your workshop helped me better understand myself and my situation through mypaintings, inspiring me for what’s to come. While I’m not certain what that is yet,I’m excited about connecting with the future.
Osaka, Japan
She came, she saw and she conquered! Everyone was touched by Althea’s love, compassion and beauty and benefited hugely from the spiritual energy, voyage of self discovery and release of old thought patterns. This resulted in many new opportunities opening up for those who attended, with offers of travel and
invitations to other workshops appearing within days. Haste ye back Althea.”
Lots of love,
Jan Brooks,
Ellon Scotland

Althea was an incredible collaborator. Her communication was detailed and personal and her preparation thoughtful and thorough. She always had the participants in mind, looking to shape the experience to their needsand in context to the larger online festival.
The Creative Art of Being © created an intimate community and stimulated creativity and inspiration for exploration beyond the session itself. Althea is a joyous, sensitive and energetic facilitator. Her commitment to the practice is felt by everyone participating, deepening the experience as a whole.
Madeleine Brown, Associate Producer and Spark the Future! Co-Producer, Theatre Direct third annual edition of our Forward March Festival, Virtual workshop, Spark the Future! Toronto, Ontario
Althea is a true teacher and a patient, creative healer. I have worked with her over several years, and through her limitless energy and devotion to me, I have moved through some daunting challenges and questions, gained immeasurable understanding and insight, and am alarmingly even-tempered. Her careful interest in
us and our potential guides her to confidently and expertly forge a relationship of trust and harmony. She possesses an unwavering commitment to helping people to open to each other, to love one another, and to find healing and happiness. Althea has lovingly and patiently taught me that life can be an exhilarating
. It is a lesson that I could not have learned without the skills and the trust that Althea has lovingly and diligently instilled in me. Her own life has been a vivid illustration of that teaching and this coupled with her diverse experiences enable her to guide us to remarkable results.. I am learning to inhabit my life wholly
and with confidence.
Fear and insecurity – physical and emotional – have begun to melt away. I am surprised by what I can do and am excited to test myself in new ways. And I have Althea to thank for guiding me here.
Andrea Robinson,
New York
Althea is a real master in creating a most inspiring, cozy and extremely safe space. I found it interesting to observe my inner world being expressed in so many different ways other than words and how different blockages and densities dissolved when drawing them, dancing them through the body or putting them into sound and rhythm..I admire Althea’s limitless optimism, enthusiasm and unwavering faith that shine through her and around her all the time and eventually also melted everything in me that was not alike. I feel I myself have become much more positive oriented, happy and joyful…Thank you Althea,
Maja Bratuz,
Nova Gorica, Slovenia

Wellbeing Workshops at Rhodes Peaceful Movement Nursing Home,
Kingston, Jamaica

Spiritual support and emotional bolstering for men experiencing substance use disorders and/or mental health challenges.
Althea was able to quickly establish a level of trust and safety with the men, whereby they felt that she understood them, would not judge them, and would provide appropriate and useful guidance.
Most of our clients have substance issues and/or mental health challenges. Althea listened to their various experiences and circumstances that led them to their present situations, she asked gentle yet insightful questions and shared relevant stories from her own experience. She encouraged and motivated them, provided them with emotional support and most importantly prayed with them.
My staff and I are extremely grateful for the vitality and enthusiasm that she brought to our home and most importantly, the inspiration that she provided for the patients. And we trust that Althea will be greatly rewarded for donating her time, her experience, and her expertise to our organization.
We hope that she will come back very soon and wish her well on her work and travels.
P.S. The men continue to be more cheerful and are still talking about you and your work and if you will return to Jamaica and work with them on a regular basis.
God Bless you Althea.
Mrs. R. Gillings-Wilson,
Rhodes Peaceful Movement Nursing Home, Kingston 5,Jamaica.

Parkdale Walking Group

Connecting our community in wellness experiences one step at a time.
Founder and lead facilitator – Althea

Parkdale Walking Group

One of the greatest gifts of Parkdale is the Parkdale Walking Group.
I got a quiet underestanding of myself and the community and shared good times.
Kelluy Skeete

the LOVE Walk – an  initiative created to
raise awareness around gender based violence for OCASI
(The Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants.)

An initiative and silent mindfulness walk to raise awareness around gender based violence. Created and led by Althea; supported by PWG with communities near and far.

As a Peer Champion with the Neighbours, Friends and Families Campaign Althea did a phenomenal job creating the “Love Walks” which are soulful and meditative walks where participants reflect on gender-based violence at
the end of the walk. Through Althea’s initiative and coordination, “The Love Walks” happened simultaneously in Paris, France, Whitehorse, Yukon, Italy, New York and Ottawa. Althea really is a special and magical woman, able to create really comfortable spaces for folks!
Sidrah Ahmad, Senior Coordinator,
Gender Based Violence Program

Ending Violence Against Women

Telling Our Stories Immigrant Women’s Resilience – workshop facilitated by Althea in partnership with Parkdale Legal Clinic.
Althea, thank you so much for facilitating such an
engaging educational workshop for those who identify as women at the Parkdale Community Legal Services office this week!
Krittika Ghosh, Senior Coordinator, Violence Against Women,
OCASI, Toronto, ON
Thank you so much for coming out and sharing these rich stories with our kids, I hope we can have further opportunities! I was really impressed, especially by how the difficult content was handled, and it still
needed careful and professional facilitation to properly convey to the kids, thank you for providing it!
Karl Calhoun, Vice Principal, Victoria Park Collegiate Institute,
Toronto, Ontario

Women’s Wellness Wednesdays with Althea at Ecuhome Housing

Mental health tools and techniques, self care practices, and life skills with expressive arts for women who have experienced being unhoused. Wellness Wednesdays with Althea.
Here we released negative emotions in a healthy way.
Fun, creative, and relaxing.
Loved making and doing art.
A nice place to make new friends and spend some time to explore your inner self.
Loving, Supportive, Beautiful.
I learned to take time-out for myself.
Althea is a lovely woman who is very open, understanding, outgoing, positive and energizing. The group is very open and educational.
More – We don’t want this to end. Why can’t we continue?

Xhastin’s Healing Journey
Whitehorse, Yukon

Althea is one of the most dependable people I have ever had the privilege of working with. She is passionate, incredibly capable, and displayed her wellness and healing experience time and time again with advice that was invaluable to the success of the groups that we worked with. She would often independently facilitate groups, adjusting to their needs as required. As the manager of Xhastin’s Healing Journey, I am very particular about who works with the often-vulnerable individuals seeking our services, and have complete faith in Althea in all areas. I was continually impressed with her integrity, grace, and knowledge, and her ability to support all members of the team by demonstrating respectful and non judgmental behavior at all times.
Xhastin (Yvonne Jack) is a member of the Taku River Tlingit First Nation (TRT)
and creator of Xhastin’s healing journey with the support of community elders.

WRAP® Wellness Recovery Action Plan

An evidence based, self-directed wellness tool, that anyone can use to get well,
stay well, and deal with any situations or challenges in life for justice involved men at Yukon College, Whitehorse Correctional Centre. Curated content and delivery with expressive arts and movement by Althea

The Participants:

Learnt new tools for life out there.
I like that First Nation content was infused into our WRAP.
I know myself better.
I believe in myself and feel more secure.
I’m more motivated and feel more courage to get through life.
Never give up. Their will be better days.

The Staff:

Althea’s expertise and innovation to be in service to others in a collaborative capacity makes her an incredible facilitator and program designer. She created a space of openness, caring and safe expression in a challenging work environment with a vulnerable sector of the adult population resulting in “tools for real change” for many of the participants. Althea is a compassionate and energetic leader known for her passion, intelligence, positive attitude, diligence and organization. She has remarkable creativity and dedication. I recommend Althea for any role through which she can contribute her remarkable creativity and dedication. I am confident that she would make a wonderful addition to any organization, team or workplace designing and delivering programs or facilitating workshops.
Gloria Johnston,
Adult Education and Campus Coordinator,
Whitehorse Correctional Centre,
Whitehorse, Yukon

Mindfulness practice at St Mary Catholic Academy , Toronto, Ontario

I am so grateful for our mindfulness sessions.
I loved seeing how you wonderfully and appropriately handled the students that were comfortable, uncomfortable, or even resistant to mindfulness practice. I also loved that you included movement to the practice, called each student individually to respond and included everyone.

Thank you for coming to St Marys again Althea. You are a wonderful
inspiration and I love learning from you.
Sonia Bellissimo,  special needs class instructor,

Day of Reflection Workshop for The Staff at Cardinal McGuigan Catholic High School, Toronto, ON

The Staff of Cardinal MCGuigan Catholic High School thank you most sincerely for the energizing engagement and sincere solidarity you have shared with us on our Day of Reflection. It has given many of us much to consider and reflect on how we may take better care of ourselves. May your courageous openness to life’s horizon inspire you evermover to reach new potentials and new avenues of leading others to wellness! THANK YOU!