“Umbrella Love” Art Card

Spreading love across the planet

Umbrella Love Card

This image is copyrighted ©. "Umbrella Love" Art Card was photographed in the Blue Mountains of Portland, Jamaica, 2008.  N.B. Althea Knight© watermark will be removed from the purchased cards. Each 5x7 “card will have a natural white border around the artwork image.

“Umbrella Love” Art Card is a great gift idea!

When you purchase this limited edition art card 15% of all Umbrella Love sales will be donated to art & wellness education for youth in Jamaica.

  • The "Umbrella Love" photograph was exhibited in the juried Being Scene 2021 digital art show
  • printed locally on earth friendly paper
  • small batch production
  • cardstock sourced locally
  • no trees were harmed in the making of these cards

In 2015, we donated all "Umbrella Love" Art Card sales to a grassroots eco aware education project for youth around local farming, plant based living and cultural art making in Portland, Jamaica.

Althea's Art Cards supports the Slow Movement which is a cultural shift toward slowing down life's pace. And in keeping with this philosophy, she is also part of the Slow Art movement promoting savouring artworks in a conscious and deliberate manner.

Spread more love across the planet and support young artists in the making by purchasing and sharing "Umbrella Love" Art Cards.


  • Set of 3 cards - $27
  • Set of 5 cards - $45
  • Set of 9 cards - $77
  • Set of 20 cards - $160

Plus Shipping and Handling (if applicable)

  • 3 for $5.55
  • 5 for $7.25
  • 9 for $11.00
  • 20 for $17.00

Within Canada 1-5 days

To Order Althea’s Art Cards:

Email: altheasartcards@gmail.com


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    • art card titles/#s & quantities

Shipping costs will be included in your invoice  if applicable
Once your payment is made, your order will be placed.
Cards are mailed out, or can be picked up in downtown Ottawa.
$10 delivery charge within downtown Ottawa - just let me know if you’d like this


    • e-transfers send to altheasartcards@gmail.com
    • PayPal, click “friends and family” and send to altheasartcards@gmail.com


Althea Knight (she/her) is a Jamaican Canadian born in London, England presently living in Ottawa. A largely self-taught multi-disciplinary artist, poet, educator and facilitator who helps folks align more with their ‘interior self” through art & wellness based experiences.  Common themes explored in her work include: healing, identity, & transformative social change.   Althea has participated in group and solo shows as a visual and performance artist and has her “Art for the Soul” in private collections locally & abroad.

Thank you for supporting a women led, black owned, eco-conscious small business.

All good things,


“Umbrella Love” image is the express property of Althea Knight and cannot be used without her express written permission.

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