Umbrella Love Art Cards

Photographed in 2008 in the Blue Mountains of Portland Jamaica
Copyright Althea E Knight Photos
Umbrella  Love  Art  Cards
Spreading Love Across the Planet
25% of sales donated to youth programming in Portland, Jamaica
The  Umbrella  Love  Art  Card Series
are printed on Earth Friendly Materials
90% Bamboo, 10% Cotton & Acid Free
Protected & preserved in re-sealable & acid free archival bag
Umbrella  Love  Art  Cards 
are available individually $6.25

In packs of 5 / $30, packs of 10 /$55

These distinctive cards are an excellent gift idea 

Shipping and packaging extra
Send Umbrella Love Art Cards & Spread Love Across the Planet
No trees were harmed in the making of this creative card
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Umbrella  Love  Art  Cards  -  Spreading Love Across the Planet