The Love Walk, October 11th

What is The LOVE Walk?

The LOVE Walk is a social change initiative, created and founded by Althea Knight, to promote peace, joy and safety for all women and children (and everyone), while  raising awareness and increasing bystander intervention and support, for women and children who are experiencing violence.

The LOVE Walk is a silent meditative walk with a focus on LOVE.

There is so much noise in our daily lives, that a way to draw attention to the cause of ending gender based violence and promoting peace, love, joy, and safety, in the fray of voices is to: “speak up silently” through The LOVE Walk. This silence also helps to lend positive support and encouragement for all those voices who have been silenced.

Please visit the LInk below to learn more and host your own LOVE Walk.
The love walk

Share our poster with your team, organization, social media contacts, friends and family. Or simply include our hashtag in messages of support! #theLoveWalkWorld

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