Prayers & Messages for Japan

March 21st
Dearest Ones,
As we come together in heart and soul, let us focus our intentions on the cooling of the overheating reactors and neutralizing the effects of the radiation. May those who are lost be found. And may the power of love and hope be felt by all who need it.
Blessed Love of the Divine Kind,

March 20
Dear Beautiful Souls,

this is a message of HOPE and Healing for the remarkable spirit of the people and land of Japan. Since March 11, I have watched your precious land and it’s people heroically manage what was one devastating occurrence after another. What could perhaps have resulted in chaos, and a reckless abandon of care for the collective had these crises happened elsewhere, was dealt with an indomitable grace and calm and consideration for all; with a resiliency that left an indelible impression on the consciousness of the rest of the world.

For you see, despite the tragic loss and destruction that has taken place on your land with your people, the incredible spirit of the Japanese has risen up and shone brightly as a beacon of courage, compassion and strength for the rest of the world to see and emulate. My heart goes out to all who have lost people they love, to those whose lives have been uprooted, and those who still do not know where their friends or family may be.  It is with the deepest of feeling that I wish for you comfort and answers and solutions as soon as possible.

We have been coming together in prayer and healing every morning from 8:00 – 8:15 am and I give thanks to all of those who have participated in Japan, in Canada, and in the U.S. The work you have done, the energy you have shared and the frequency of love and healing that has been amplified is taking effect. And may it continue. Bless you all. And to all those around the world coming together in prayer and healing circles for Japan, Blessings to you too.

The shock of living through what you have lived can be immense and it is important to be provided with a healing space to cope with that: a place in which you can express your sadness, your grief, and whatever other feelings may be held within through prayerful creative expression, a sacred place to release guilt and shame over surviving these disasters; a safe and loving space to come together to offer support, recognition and release of what has been endured in order to move forward in a centered and balanced state of well- being; honouring those who have passed, those yet to be found and giving thanks for the life that we still have.

And with this life we have the opportunity to make a difference, to contribute in the rebuilding and healing of the Land of the Rising Sun and the Hearts and Souls of its people, for we are all connected. As we decide to heal the pain within we help bring about healing for the collective consciousness. It is during devastating times like these that the importance of healing oneself is an integral part of healing the whole. It is an act of devotion and love for all. As the infrastructure of the ravaged areas are rebuilt we can offer an important contribution to society by rebuilding and strengthening the core within ourselves; and this we will do in the workshops and in the private sessions of the The Creative Art of Being. Please join us to honour the lives that were sacrificed and to honour the gift of life and the possibilities inherent in that gift.

This is the time.
Your participation is needed to Let Go, to Let Love, to Let Life.
Blessed Love to you all.

March 14
From 8:00am - 8:15am (Montreal time) every morning this week, we are holding a prayer circle for Japan with others in Japan . Please join us and invite others to join if this feels right for you.
The more of us that come together from this side and across the way the more powerful the healing.
Protecting all life forms from the impact and after effects of Radiation
Cooling the core of the Nuclear plants
Cleansing air water earth
Getting the necessary supplies and assistance to all who need it
Releasing as much as possible the fear anxiety loss grief terror etc
Sending the Highest healing energy
Rebuilding energy
Locating those who are still missing
May all the survivors be released from despair and guilt.
May they find hope in life.
If you are drawn to pray for something else, please do. And know that I am requesting that whatever time you join us that we merge on a higher conscious sending forth the necessary healing grid.
Much love to all of you and thank-you

March 13

“The Prayer Circle for Japan and its people “begins at 8:00am till 8:15. If you would like to participate please join us with your thoughts and prayers for love and the highest healing for our Japanese Sisters and Brothers. And feel free to share this with others.

I am sitting, praying and transmitting healing energy repeatedly this morning. I would ask you to ask those who are participating to be aware of the quality of their breath, to slow down their breathing. Becoming aware of breathing in the power of Love and Hope and breathing out the sense of chaos, “scatteredness”, fragmentation and any other quality that brings them out of their center, out of a grounded feeling of balance.

It is important that we take a few minutes or even moments whenever we can to stop and reconnect to our center so that the energy we are breathing out is one of calm and centeredness so that the web/grid of healing energy and support for the land, the air, the sea, the water and the sentient beings can continue to grow.

Also, may the Souls of those who have departed go in Peace.
Blessed Love,