Guiding Thoughts

Breathe in Colour


Mauve Moments

This is your Life. How do You choose to Live it?

Today, have a chat with the Divine.
Is your life filled with the Sacred?
Do you find your existence on this planet an incredible miracle?
Remember, Peace is for Everyone.
Allow your Emotions to reveal what needs to be aligned within your life, within yourself.
Feel, Deal, and Heal.

Pink Prayers

How have you expressed your love today?
Sit with what is good in your life and let those thoughts seep into your body. Watch how you begin to feel.
Try more Kindness.
Why not allow Yourself to Be who You Truly Are?
Let the Music move you Higher.
Express your gifts out into the world.
Love yourself in this moment.


Orange Opening

What have you created today?
Are you really listening to the person you are speaking to or are you thinking about what you would like to say?
Smile at a Stranger.
Allow yourself To Be.
Take Time in Nature.
Allow others to help you see yourself more, not tell you who you are.
Trust yourself.

Yellow Yumminess

Have you consciously felt your feet on the ground? What does that feel like? Have you given thought to the fact that you walk upon a planet called Earth.
Take a minute to look up at the sky.
Lie on the grass and feel it support you.
Are you listening to your intuition?
Are you acting on your intuiton?
Do more of that which brings you Joy.


Purple Pleasure

Are you in this Moment or missing it?
What are you willing to do for the life you dream of leading?
Do something you love today.
Be the first to say hello.
There are many roads to the Truth. Find the One that works for you. Remember, that as time passes, you may move on to a different path. Allow yourself the freedom to explore.
You always have a Choice. Are you willing to make it?

Green Gleamings & Gratitude

Have you given thanks and meant it.
Do something different today just to see what it feels like.
Instead of thinking about it, do it.
Take a Moment to Be still.
Help Someone Shine.
Give Thanks to the Earth.
Practice Gratefulness.


Red Rapture Revelations

Take a Deep Breath. Now, see how you feel.
Do you eat when you’re hungry or to fill the void?
If it hasn’t been done before, it may be time for you to do it.
Why continue the same way, if it continues to leave you feeling miserable?
Are you looking at what connects you or what separates you?
Do that which enlivens your Spirit and leaves you smiling.
Help Someone Shine.

Turquoise Thinking

How are you nourishing your mind, body, and soul?
Try Essential Oils – they are marvelous mood balancers.
Hug Lots.
Be the first to say Hello to a stranger.
Try asking “How can I Help You?” or “What do you Need?” from time to time.
Listen to the Wind.
Open to the Magic of Life.
Perhaps, It is Time to Experience Doing What You Love and take a step, no matter how seemingly small towards it, rather than spending time listing reasons why it is impossible, too hard, or unrealistic.
Hug Lots.


Blue Blessings

Stop for a moment. Become Aware of how you feel in your body. Take a deep Breath out and Breathe Life into your Body.
Dance your Prayer.
Watch your words. Are they filled with nourishment or toxicity? You and those around you are impacted by every word that comes out of your mouth.
Have you said sorry and really meant it?
Heed your Soul Call.

Indigo Inspiration and Insight

Have you looked up at the sky and marveled at this wonderous place called the Universe?
Surround yourself with those who tell you “Yes, you can.”
Know who to share your dreams with.
Forgive yourself today.
Play more.
Release Judgement. Be Discerning.

Take A Moment of Appreciation for:

The Trees, the Plant World, the Winged Ones, the Four Legged Ones, the Aquatic ones, the two legged Ones, the Water, the Land, your Breath, your Life, Love, Creation, Connection the Divine and all those working quietly for the Greater Good of All.

Live a Life you Love.

Here's to moving forward in Peace Power Purpose & Passion

All photos but for the "yellow flowers" were taken by me during my travels near and far.