The Creative Art of Being ©

The Creative Art of Being © Workshops

Melbourne, Australia | Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, Queensborough, Whitehorse, Canada | Kingston, Jamaica | Nagoya, Osaka, Japan | Bled, Ljubljana, Nova Gorica, Slovenia | Ellon, Scotland | New York, U.S.A. | Paris, France | London, England |

The Creative Art Being © is an expressive art based wellbeing program fostering personal growth and community development. Join us on your journey of exploration and healing.

Creativity is for everyone. It’s not just about being an artist, an inventor, a musician. It is a way of living your life; a way to experience what you do in your day-to-day with a new perspective - wonder, enthusiasm and greater joy for the possibilities that lie in every moment. The Creative Art of Being © workshop ignites the creative spark that lies within all of us.

The Creative Art of Being © activates awareness, creativity and authenticity. Self discovery is the key, unleashing your imagination wild and free. Join us for these soulful celebrations, where rhythmic movements and meditation, meet voice play and art creations. Decrease stress & release tension as you increase vitality, joy and inspiration

A Creative Journey of Self-Discovery and Healing.

Join us and experience The Creative Art of Being ©