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Gardiner Museum Exhibition


Gardiner Museum Expressive Arts Group Exhibition


December 6 - 13, 2016


UDU drum

5 cups

UDU you think you are?

It began with the vision of a crowning – a rebirth if you will, and then one by one, they came forth, the instruments required for a healing practice, a reminder from the ancients. A sacred ceremony for myself and all my relations- young girls, women and the elders too and it must be said for boys and men too. This is for all those, who have come before and after me who were brutalized internally and externally by individuals and groups who: 1)Deemed it justified for their own profit, pleasure and/or benefit, 2)Dominated and oppressed because of what they lacked within, 3)Were brutalized themselves and continued the brutalization forward. And these pieces, this ceremony I have created is soul medicine for the internal and external screams that were denied, ignored, written out of the popular his/herstories of what has happened in families, in communities, in this country, on this continent and in the cosmos.

I hear you.

I hear your screams.

I feel you.

I am you.

And no longer will I be silent.

Through clay, the women, the circle, hands, head and heart, with ancestral memories of ceremony, community and coming together in creation, sound and movement: We, Us, I heal the wounds away; releasing memory, pain, sadness and anger with every coil used to create shape and form, while unleashing power & joy; taking space in organic ways, much like the locks on my head. This “sticky fine-grained earth, lead me to the waters of Crete, the shores of Japan, the Continent containing Nigeria and the Igbo peoples, the island once known as Xamayca and now I am home again within me, emboldened to share what I know to be true.

A Basket, an UDU drum, and 5 Cups

The basket made of coils, and spirals embodying the energy of the Divine Feminine, can be used to carry the water or palm wine for nourishment and celebration. The UDU – has many functions. Udu is an Igbo word for pottery, peace, vessel, pot, or drum, traditionally made and played by Igbo women in Nigeria with the clay gathered in sacred practices. When the UDU is played it is said to evoke the voices of the ancestors, spirits, and the Gods for help and guidance in healing rituals. There is more of this UDU/ Peace within me now after this clay exploration and process. 5 cups – 5 is significant of change, the 5 elements, creative manifestation and freedom to pursue that which my heart desires from this day forth. These cups representative of the women gathering together in the healing circle today and in ancient times. May there be healing for all those who need it whether they know it or not. May the stories be told, listened to and learned from. May true justice, safety and joy reign for all. Thank you to all the women in this beautiful group who shared emotions, ideas, kindness, gentleness, humour, and courage as we gathered together in this space of creation and care. Thank you to our teachers and facilitators where the responses of: “Yes”, “sure we can”, “Try it”, “Take space, you don’t have to go small”, “Whatever you like” “What can I get you?” “What do you need?” fueled my soul and imagination. To the staff of and the Gardiner Museum itself and the Barbara Schlifer Commemorative Clinic, I thank you; to work with clay was a dream long deferred – no longer so – this healing has long been waiting to happen - renewed I am as creator & healer. Walk Good. In gratitude and love, Althea E. Knight


Althea E. Knight BEd, MAC, WRAP 2

Creativity Consultant & Artist | Mental Health & Wellness Innovator  | Community Builder & Educator 



Education and Professional Development

Pottery Workshops, Inspirations Studios  2019

Upcoming Fall/Winter workshops facilitated by Marc Eagen, Shary Boyle, and Lindsay Montgomery

Basics of Pottery, Inspirations Studios  2019

Wheel throwing, glazing, handbuilding and design

Introduction to Ceramic Sculpture, Inspirations Studios  2017

Course led by Gudren Olafsdottir

Barbra Schlifer Commemorative Clinic Expressive Arts Group, The Gardiner Museum  2016

Course led by Art therapist Suzanne Thomson, and Ceramicist Jess Riva Cooper

Bachelor of  Arts in Education, Concordia University  1994

Teaching English as a Second Language specialization 

Visual Art - Selected Solo Shows 

“Art as medicine: Transformational Healing” The Nova Gorica Centre for Healing Arts, Slovenia  2008

Acrylic on paper and canvas   

Althea Knight: “Art, for the Soul” Venus Envy, Ottawa   2007

Acrylic paintings on canvas

“Knight Visions” Soupçon Bistro , Wakefield, Quebec  2005

Mixed media on canvas 

Rwandan Genocide 10th Year Commemoration, Ottawa  2004

“Art for the Soul” The Black Tomato Restaurant, Ottawa  2002

 Mixed media on found windows, burlap, canvas, and paper


Visual Art - Selected Group Shows 

Workman Arts Showcase,  Clay vases and worry stones, Gudren Olafsdottir,Toronto   2017

#WeBelieveSurvivors, “UDU think you are,” Gardiner Museum, Toronto   2016

Curated by Jess Riva, Suzanne Thomson

Nádasdy Foundation for Fine Arts and The Environment Fundraiser, Ottawa  2006

“Identity & the Soul:  Selected works by Althea Knight”, Arts Court, Ottawa  2005

Human Rights through Art, Canadian Human Rights Commission, Toronto   2004

Art in the Park, Andrew Haydon Park Ottawa & Chelsea Market, Quebec  2003-05


Performance - Singing and Hand Drumming

“Finding Our Voices Together”, #WeBelieveSurvivors, Gardiner Museum, Toronto   2013, 2015-16

Native Learning Center East Grand Opening with Women & Children in Community, Toronto  2014

Weekly Drumming Circle with Aqua Nibi Waawaaskone (Rennie),   2012 - 13

 Native Women’s Transition House, Parkdale

About Face Launch, Lieutenant Governor's Residence, Toronto  2013

Co-performed with Aqua Nibi Waawaaskone (Rennie), and Red River & Women in Community

Kobo and Free The Children Aboriginal Literacy Speaking Tour Launch, Kobo HQ, Toronto  2013

Toronto Pride “Women in the Community” Buddies in Bad Times Theatre, Toronto  2013

Native Canadian Centre of Toronto, Community drumming w/ Aqua Nibi Waawaaskone(Rennie)  2012-13


Performance - Theatre and Film

Director, dramaturgist, publicist for Bryan James’ play “Stockholme” Arts Court, Ottawa,   2005

  • Edited scripts, scheduled rehearsals, production coordination, designed and built props, co-ordinated technical requirements, arranged for transportation
  • Designed and implemented media campaigns and promotions, created soundtrack, photo credit 

Stage Manager, technical director, & puppet stylist for “Baggage” Nat. Lib. & Archives, Ottawa  2004

Speaking “Extra” in Kim Masse’s film “Happy New Year”, Paris, France  1995

Improv Actor in Albert Neremberg’s Improv Troupe, Montreal  1994

Actor in Roshell Bisset’s short film, “The Alchemy of Love”, Concordia University, Montreal  1993 


Commissions and Private Collections 

Spirit Appears, acrylic on canvas, commissioned by N. Walters, Toronto  2018

Spirit in Search of Faith Found, acrylic on canvas, commissioned by Victoria Rummler, Paris  2016

Alchemical Nautilus & Sunflower, acrylic on canvas, commissioned by Lorraine and Joe Bautista   2012/13                                                                   

Petal Moon, mixed media on canvas, commissioned by M Trumbach, Toronto   2011

Surrounded by cosmic interplay - about to birth, acrylic on canvas,  C. Gibbs, Toronto  2008

Blossoming Heart, acrylic on canvas, C. Burcheri, Montreal  2010

Blue Note Soul Call, acrylic on canvas, C. Knight, Toronto  2008

With more love and healing we give ourselves and the planet the right to be free, acrylic on canvas   2004

Willie Rangira, Ottawa

Dreadlock Flower Power, acrylic on canvas, Shirley Hamm, Ottawa     2004

Flow, acrylic on wood, Antonio Parco, Italy     2003

Ancestral Vibrational Path, Violet Johnson, London, England     2003

Artwork also held in  private collections in Italy (Antonio Parco), France, Japan (Keiko Waki), Canada(Miki Mitchell, Stacey Mullings, Jean Brown), England, and the U.S.


Memberships and Affiliations

Inspirations  Studio 2019

Workman Arts

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