Vibrational medicine in colour & form.

Close your eyes, take a deep breath.

 Now open your eyes and see the art with your heart.

Art by Althea Knight


Singing & Hand Drumming

Opening night of #We believe Survivors, Gardiner Museum, 2016

Native Learning Center East Grand Opening, Toronto, Women & Children led by A.Rennie, 2014

Native Women’s Transition House with Aqua Rennie, Toronto, 2013/2015

"About Face Launch" Lieutenant Governor's Residence-Red River & Aqua Rennie etc,T.O, 2013

Kobo and Free The Children Aboriginal Literacy Speaking Tour Launch, Kobo HQ, T.O 2013 Toronto

Pride, Buddies in Bad Times Theatre, Aqua R, Serena & I, Toronto, 2013

Select Workshops

Black Inventors – Interlangues Language School, Ottawa, 2004 “Cultural Etiquette” by

Amoja Three Rivers-Interlangues Language School, Ottawa, 2003/ 2006

Women, Business, and Vibes (W.B.V.) Founder – Ottawa (Volunteer) 2002

Visual Artist (Visionary/Self-Taught) -

“Udu you think you are?” #webelievesurvivors ceramics group show, Gardiner Museum, 2016

Umbrella Love Cards created and sold – France, Thailand, Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto,2013/2014

Commissioned Artwork for Lorraine and Joe Bautista, 2012/2013

Nova Gorica Centre for Healing Arts (Solo show), Nova Gorica Slovenia , 2008

Venus Envy, Ottawa, (Solo Show), 2007

Nádasdy Foundation Arts and Environment Fundraiser (Group show), Ottawa, 2006

Arts Court (Group show), Ottawa, 2005

Soupcon Bistro, Wakefield Quebec, 2005

Rwandan Genocide 10th Year Commemoration (Solo show), Ottawa, 2004

Human Rights through Art (Group show), Canadian Human Rights Commission, Toronto , 2004

Art in the Park, Andrew Hadyn Park Ottawa & Chelsea, Quebec, 2003/2005

The Black Tomato Restaurant (Solo show), Ottawa, 2003

Theatre//Film Artist 2002

Edited scripts, scheduled rehearsals, production co-ordination, designed and built props, co-ordinate

technical requirements, arranged for transportation

Designed and implemented media campaign and promotions, created soundtrack

Director, Dramaturgist, Publicist for “Stockholme” Arts Court, Ottawa,

Stage Manager, Technical Director, and Puppet Stylist for “Baggage” Nat. Lib. & Archives, Ottawa


Speaking “Extra” in Kim Masse’s film “Happy New Year”, Paris, France 1995

Improv Actor in Albert Neremberg’s Improv Troupe, Montreal 1994

Althea & Iggy the canine

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