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Purchase these limited edition art cards

  • printed locally on earth friendly paper
  • small batch production
  • cardstock sourced locally
  • no trees were harmed in the making of these cards

All images are copyrighted ©

N.B. Althea Knight© watermark will be removed from the purchased 5x7” cards. Each card will have a natural white border around the artwork image.

Althea’s art card titles:

1.With more love & healing....Be
2.Dreadlock Flower Power
4.Bouquet Blessings
5.Throat Chakra Healing


6.Celestial Beings
7. Butterfly Love
9.Mystic Man

Purchase Althea’s art cards with envelopes individually or in sets of 3, 5 or 9



1 card - $9

Set of 3 cards - $25

Set of 5 cards - $40

Set of 9 cards - $70

(plus shipping and handling)


Payment can be made by e-transfer to

Please email us at:

In the subject line please put: “ Althea’s Art Cards Batch1A order”. In the email please provide your name, mailing address, art work titles and quantities.


Althea Knight is an Ottawa based artist.
She specializes in the creation of unique art pieces and experiences intended to inspire and uplift.

Thank you for supporting an artist and new small earth friendly business. By purchasing and gifting Althea's Art Cards you are now part of the movement spreading love across the planet one card at a time.
All good things,

All images are the property of Althea Knight and cannot be used without her express written permission.