About Althea


The one who knows the path is the one who has been treading it.

A Shona proverb

Meet Althea Knight

Althea Knight is a British born Jamaican presently living in Ottawa. She is a largely self directed artist, whose work has been influenced by her nomadic ways alongside the teachings and traditions of ancient and modern cultures and spiritual practices.

Althea has participated in group and solo shows as a visual and performance artist and has her “Art for the Soul” in private collections locally and abroad.

Althea’s practice spans: painting, pastels, photography, pottery, playlists, poetry(The P’s) dance etc. Currently, she is focused on making her art more accessible through greeting cards.

She is an educator/facilitator, community builder and social change activist who designs and delivers self-care, mindfulness and meditation, mental health and wellbeing talks, walks, and workshops for youth and adults of diverse demographics, always with a creativity component.

Althea worked as a trained holistic health practitioner for over a decade and this coupled with her personal experience in the curative power of art and play led to the birth of The Creative Art of Being© in 2007 which she has facilitated locally and internationally.

She holds a Bachelor of Education degree, with a TESL specialization, from Concordia University, is a certified WRAP® Facilitator, certified Mindfulness Without Borders Facilitator, and holds a Nature Ambassador designation with the Toronto Regional Conservation Authority.

Althea at Work

  • Artist
  • Art Card Designer
  • Photographer
  • DJ
  • Ceramic Artist and Artisan
  • The Creative Art of Being©  founder | facilitator
  • Self-Care and Wellness facilitator | educator | speaker
  • Wellness Programming design | facilitate | train
  • Mindfulness & Meditation facilitator | mentor with Mindfulness Without Borders
  • Certified Reflexologist
  • WRAP®(Wellness and Recovery Action Plan) facilitator
  • Nature & Art Walking Guide and Nature Ambasador  - design | facilitate in urban settings

Selected organizations and community groups worked with: