About Althea

Some see things as they are and ask why?
I dream things that never were and say why not?
George Bernard Shaw


The one who knows the path is the one who has been treading it.

A Shona proverb

Meet Althea Knight

Althea has participated in group and solo shows as a visual and performance artist and has her “Art for the Soul” in private collections locally and abroad. She is an activist, educator/facilitator, and environmentalist, who designs and delivers self-care, mindfulness and meditation, mental health and wellbeing talks, walks, and workshops for youth and adults of diverse demographics. Althea worked as a trained holistic health practitioner for over a decade and this coupled with her personal experience in the curative power of art and play led to the birth of The Creative Art of Being© in 2007. Althea holds a Bachelor of Education degree, with a TESL specialization, from Concordia University, is a certified WRAP® Facilitator, certified Mindfulness Without Borders Facilitator, and holds a Nature Ambassador designation with the Toronto Regional Conservation Authority.

Althea at Work

  • The Creative Art of Being©  founder | facilitator
  • Self-Care and Wellness facilitator | educator | speaker
  • Wellness Programming design | facilitate | train
  • Mindfulness & Meditation facilitator | mentor with Mindfulness Without Borders
  • WRAP®(Wellness and Recovery Action Plan) facilitator
  • Walk and Nature Appreciation - design | facilitate
  • Pottery practice and creation

Selected organizations and community groups worked with: