About Althea

Some see things as they are and ask why?
I dream things that never were and say why not?
George Bernard Shaw


Meet Althea Knight

Althea is an artist, educator/facilitator, nature ambassador, who designs and delivers self-care, mindfulness and meditation, mental health and wellbeing talks, walks, and workshops, for adults and families of diverse demographic with: TDSB, Catholic School Board, CAMH, and The Redwood Shelter for Women and Children. Althea holds a Bachelor of Education (BEd) from Concordia University and a Nature Ambassador designation with Toronto Regional Conservation Authority. With over twenty years of experience engaging communities in health and wellness facilitation, including working with MWB (Mindfulness Without Borders) she is the Parkdale Walking Group, Director and Co-founder www.parkdalewalkinggroup.wordpress.com and creator of the Love Walk initiative to raise awareness and support of bystander intervention.

Althea Knight


Althea at Work

  • Creative Art of Being Founder and Facilitator
  • Self-Care and Wellness Facilitator/Educator/Speaker
  • Parkdale Walking Group, Director and Co-founder
  • Walk Facilitator at The Redwood Shelter for the WNAMPSL (Wellness, Nature Appreciation, Mindfulness, Peer Support & Leadership program(WNAMPS) pilot program created by Althea
  • Mindfulness/Meditation Facilitator & Mentor, MWB
  • WRAP (Wellness Recovery and Action Plan) Facilitator
  • CAMH Recovery Educator

Mission and Values

Althea is all about creating safe spaces for people to practice love, kindness and compassion for themselves, one another and the environment.
Committed to social justice, peer support, and appreciation of the wonders of the natural world, she has been engaging individuals and groups to live lives they love and feel better doing so. She encourages walking and cycling too, in her personal and professional work; inviting those she needs to meet with to do so in green spaces, or at the very least to walk and talk wherever they can.

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The one who knows the path is the one who has been treading it.

A Shona proverb